Swing Robber

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About Swing Robber

Swing Robber is a fun game where you move between frames. You get to choose how many ropes you offer the swing robber for him to make a successful escape. For safe jumps, explore the fantastic things on roofs.
By achieving a high score, you can become a well-known thief. Finding gold bags along the route will help you improve your score.

Start by stretching the rope to the appropriate length using the mouse, then click to stop and jump.

He took advantage of the late hours and opened the vault to leave the bank safely.
Make sure you don't get caught by security.

A thrilling action game with perilous twists and turns.
Thousands of experiences await you as you travel the globe.

The game is compatible with all browsers and is appropriate for all ages.
Let's go!

How to play

Use a mouse

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