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About Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is more interesting on vivid visuals, smooth gameplay. Destroy many types of ladybugs, many other animals.
The original goal needs to defeat monsters and upgrade your hero.
Clicker Heroes is a new, widely developed game for everyone to play. This is a dynamic game, interesting and extremely fun.

First, you need to work hard to destroy all dangerous monsters to regain a huge amount of coin. Then use the coin to upgrade the heroes to bring higher damage, faster destruction.
Gradually increasing levels, you must defeat them in the shortest time possible.
Use coins correctly and properly. Find out the hero that gives you the best return on investment.

You have an advantage when your progress is slowing down, you should choose a hero to collect gold by himself, and rest, after a while back you will see a massive booty.
Choose for yourself a wise strategy to unlock many levels of the game.

This is an idle and free-click game. You freely explore the heroes and destroy a series of dangerous monsters.

How to play: Use mouse click to destroy monsters and collect coins

Fun game, completely free, you can play on all smart devices you have

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