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About Kiwi Clicker

Kiwi Clicker is an idle clicker adventure game where players must produce as many kiwis as possible to satisfy the hunger of the king. Manage a kiwi bird, produce kiwis, buy upgrades, and grow the empire.

How to play Kiwi Clicker

In this game, you must manage a kiwi bird. First, click on the bird to produce kiwi. You can get one kiwi per click. When you produce a certain number of kiwis, you must deliver it to the king to earn coins. Every delivery must go through X-ray to test for security before being delivered to the King. This phase can take a certain amount of time. So you must try to increase the delivery speed so that the bird can make faster deliveries.

You can spend coins to buy upgrades. Invest wisely in the upgrades to increase the click power and speed. This time, one click doesn't produce only one kiwi. You can produce five, ten, hundreds, and even thousands of kiwis per click.

At the same time, you must increase the delivery speed to make faster deliveries.

The game control is simple. You can play it with your left mouse button!

Keep your hard work to unlock different items like bag stuffer, bird power, and many more.

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