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About Ice Cream Clicker

Ice Cream Clicker is an idle game for ice cream lovers. Jump into the world of delicious sweets and try to produce as many ice cream as possible.

How to play Ice Cream Clicker

The game mechanics are similar to clicker games. Players must tap on the ice cream on the screen to create a cookie. At the beginning of the game, you can earn one ice cream per tap. However, when you reach a certain number of ice cream, you can unlock different upgrades. 

For example, when you reach 50 ice creams, you can purchase the ability to create one more ice cream per click. As you progress, there are many different achievements and upgrades to reach.

Besides, you can also unlock and buy new types of ice cream. The ultimate goal of the game is to become the ice cream king by unlocking all achievements, upgrades, and ice cream types!

The game requires wise investment and patience!


  • Fantastic clicker game for ice cream lovers
  • 27 ice creams to unlock
  • Various upgrades and achievements
  • Simple game mechanics

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