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About Cookie Clicker 5

Cookie Clicker 5 is an idle game in which your goal is to make as many cookies as you can. 

The gameplay is simple, you start with no cookie. And to make a cookie, you just need to click on a cookie icon on the screen. The more cookies you make, the more upgrades you can buy from the store. You can hire workers and buy machines that can help you bake millions and billions of cookies within just a short amount of time.

With these upgrades, you can easily increase your cookie production per second. You can buy Grandman, factory, farm, and many other cool upgrades. And of course, the more powerful the upgrade is, the more money you have to pour into it.

While the game has no ending, it still features hundreds of achievements that are waiting for you to reach. Cookie Clicker 5 does a great job in taking the original Cookie Clicker game to a whole new level.

COokie Clicker 5 is completely free to play in your web browser (Desktop, Android, and iOS). NO ads. No download or registration is required.

Features of the game:

Idle clicking gameplay

Numerous achievements

Cool upgrades and buildings

How to play

Play with your left mouse button.

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