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About Titans Clicker

Titans Clicker is an idle clicker game where you tap to defeat the monsters and Titans to save the world.

How to play Titans Clicker

Tap to defeat the Titans

The Titans have devastated the world and you’re the only one who can save it. Become a hero and tap to defeat all kinds of monsters to restore peace and order. Just tap on the monster to lower the monster HP and make it drop to zero to defeat.

Different Titans to beat

Be brave and patient as you must defeat numerous kinds of titans! The game features different titan characters including:

  • Delivery Drone Jr. 
  • Purple Dee
  • Reaper
  • Miss Tentaca
  • Dusty
  • ,... and more

Each monster has a certain HP and takes a particular number of taps to eliminate.

Unlock various items to boost your damage

You must reach a certain level to unlock different items that can help boost your damage. There are numerous cool items:

  • Sword Master
  • Heavenly Strike - Deal tap damage x 140
  • Shadow Clone - Create a clone to attack 7 times per second
  • Critical Strike - Increase the critical chance by 17%
  • War Cry - All heroes attack 150% faster
  • ,... and more

Each item costs a certain amount of gold depending on its damage and level. Try to earn as many golds as you can!

Reach different goals to earn rewards

Once you achieve certain goals, you can receive rewards. For example, you can get 15 diamonds when you defeat 100 monsters. You can earn a certain number of diamonds for each goal. Use them to buy helpful items, exchange for gold, and boost your hero power. 

Game Controls

Tap on the screen to attack the Titan and earn gold.

Use gold to upgrade heroes, weapons, and skills. 

Game Features

Simple but addictive gameplay: Titans Clicker attracts players with its simple but engaging clicker gameplay. You just need to continuously click the screen to attack giant Titans, earn gold, and upgrade your power.

Diverse hero and weapon system: The game features a rich hero and weapon system. This allows players to choose and upgrade to their liking. Each hero brings unique fighting abilities along with a diverse arsenal of weapons. Players can create their own unique gameplay.

Explore many worlds and Titans: The game takes you on an adventure through many different worlds, facing countless powerful Titans. Each Titan possesses unique powers and abilities, requiring you to use reasonable strategies to defeat them.

Can you beat all the Titans and unlock all the trophies in Titans Clicker game? Play it now and share with us your journey! It’s a fantastic idle game to play!

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