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Imagine a Pizza clicker game in real life. Suppose you are wondering whether to order Pizza Hut or Big Cheese Pizza for dinner. Then you decide to order at Pizza Hut, you just want to order one pizza. Oh! But another pizza appeared right next to it and just like that, the next second reappeared with more pizzas next to it. There may be millions of pizza pieces falling from the sky! It's funny and interesting, isn't it!

Pizza Clicker bakes giant pizzas by clicking steadily. Use the money exchanged from clicks to buy ingredients for your cake to become better like Tomato sauce, olives, basil ...

Use the mouse or touch the cake to become the baking tycoon.
The game is simple and fun.
Playable on all smart devices like iPhone, Samsung ...
Games for you to enjoy idly.


Like the Cookie Clicker game, in this Pizza Clicker game, your task is to produce a lot of pizza, when you have a certain amount of pizza, you will have to learn how to run a pizza shop.
- There are tons of upgrades to help you improve your pizza shop business:
- Upgrades include mysterious creatures
- Sunlight
- Toppings such as corn and tomato sauce.

- The game has nice graphics and a smooth sound.

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