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About Cookie Clicker 3

Welcome to Cookie Clicker 3. In this game, your goal is to create as many cookies as you can by clicking on a big cookie on the screen. This part takes your Cookie Clicker gaming experience to a whole new level with more fascinating features and upgrades.

The game mechanics remain the same. You click on a cookie on the screen to a single cookie per click. Then you can spend your earned cookies to purchase upgrades and assets that can help produce cookies automatically for you. The game has no end. It has thousands of achievements and upgrades that keep players addicted and try to unlock and reach various milestones.

Cookie Clicker 3 is available to play online for free on Desktop, iOS, and Android mobile devices. 

Features of the game:

Thousands of achievements

Smooth graphics

Engaging gameplay

Various upgrades

How to play

Click on a big cookie on the screen to get a cookie.

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