Cookie Clicker 2

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About Cookie Clicker 2


Welcome to Cookie Clicker 2, the idle and free online game. Click the cookie on the screen to produce cookies. Each time you click, you get a bulk of additional cookies. When your number of cookies increases, you can buy upgrades for the workforce, which will help you get more cookies each period, even you do not click on the cookie.

  • Cursor: You can change the number of clicks you make in exchange for a pointer to help you automatically generate more cookies.
  • Grandma: When your number of clicks is 100 or more, you can exchange for grandma and own many valuables.
  • And more upgrades, which hide in the game.

What's more, you also get valuable items from Factory or Time Machine with your hard-working clicks.
The new and popular game will draw you into a comfortable Cookie world without disappointing you.

  • Click free
  • So funny

Where you get to dominate the cookies universe.

It's convenient and fast to search for this game on all smart devices Ipad, iPhone, Android.

Thank you for trusting me; joining no sign in required. You are now an investor, and the following tips will help.


Spend a lot of time baking cookies at first. When you've got enough cookies, you'll get the option to "Ascend" for the first time and increase your prestige level.

  • Grandma is making 2.5% of the initial investment per second.
  • The farm is making 2.8% of the initial investment per second.

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