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Cookie Clicker: you click on a giant cookie on the screen, earning a single cookie per click. The game is played by a lot of people.

The point of the game is to bake cookies by clicking on a giant cookie until you have enough cookies to buy upgrades. You will love to click on the cookie and generate more cookies and revenue. The buildings section includes various items that automatically create cookies such as a cursor and grandma. You will feel have fun!

Cookie Clicker is a game with no clear end. Start with a giant cookie, then there will be billions, and eventually duodecillions or more.


- The game has many great upgrades and research
- Import save
- Export save
- Auto clicker
- Ascension system
- Smooth graphics

Left-click to play game


- This is the great PC version of the Cookie Clicker game. I've been playing this game for almost 8 years, from the time it came out, I can only tell you: It's really addictive and super fun!

- My 7-year-old son wakes up every morning and asks me to bake a cake, he loves playing it every day, my son wishes he could open a biscuit shop. My son told me that would practice managing the biscuit shop. I agree with this. Every day I let my son play cookie clicker for 30 minutes. And I find this game quite good for young children.


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