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About Cookie Clicker Evolution

Cookie Clicker Evolution is a brand new idle clicker game that takes the popular genre to the next level. With its unique evolution mechanic, diverse upgrade system, engaging minigames, and charming visuals, Cookie Clicker Evolution is sure to provide hours of fun for players of all ages.

Core Gameplay

At its core, Cookie Clicker Evolution is a simple idle clicker game where your objective is to produce the highest number of cookies! Players start by clicking on a cookie to earn cookies, which can then be used to purchase upgrades that help them earn more cookies. These upgrades can include buying more cookies, increasing cookie production speed, or automating the clicking process.

There are numerous types of upgrades to buy.

For example, you can get Flour with 15 cookies. It can help create 0.1 cookies per second.

With 100 cookies, you can buy Grandma. Each grandma helps you earn 1 cookie per second.

There are many more upgrades waiting for you to unlock and discover!

Specialized System of Evolution

The centerpiece attraction of Cookie Clicker Evolution is that once you've collected enough cookies, you can develop your cookie into a new form with a higher earning potential. Every cookie evolution has a different design, giving gamers a fresh and captivating visual experience.

Game Features

  • Amazing graphics
  • More than 200 achievements to unlock
  • Various upgrades to buy
  • Simple game mechanics
  • An upgraded version of the popular idle game Cookie Clicker


This game is surely an ideal updated version for fans of the idle-clicking game Cookie Clicker. The game promises to provide players with an engaging and difficult gameplay experience with its distinctive cookie evolution system, varied upgrading system, appealing minigames, and abundance of new material.

Explore the vibrant and fascinating world of cookies by playing Cookie Clicker Evolution now!

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