Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

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About Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game is a classic but exciting clicking game. The faster you press, the faster the athlete will run. Well, get ready and get your fingers moving. It will help a lot in this race!

How to play Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

Touch the athlete and his speed will become faster and faster. He will run like the wind if you train enough speed, stamina and muscles. The fun doesn't stop there, you can unlock new items and special skills to upgrade your runner's running speed. Develop the right strategy for purchasing and using items. This game is a combination of skill, dexterity, and endurance.

Game characteristics

  • Control easily thanks to clicks
  • Increase the competition as you have to overcome other athletes and take first place
  • Vivid streetscapes and diverse terrain
  • Requires the player's ingenuity when balancing speed and endurance
  • This game will be a natural free-time killer
  • Variety of items
  • Attractive background music

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