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About Race Clicker

Race Clicker is a fun racing pixel game. Each click will accelerate your car, taking you to the speed limit on the street. Challenge a series of fierce opponents and win the racing throne. Race Clicker puts you on the track with a mission to become an unrivaled racer.

How to play Race Clicker

Ahead of you are many challenging races. Race at crazy speeds on a long track that goes beyond the horizon. To win, you need to pump the car well. Click on the car to refuel and accelerate. Use the money you earn to improve your car's characteristics. You can also accumulate money to buy new, unique cars with more horsepower. Unlock all achievements, travel to different locations and unlock additional skills to gain a clear advantage over your opponents!


  • Experience explosive racing where every click becomes a boost that takes you to the finish line.
  • Satisfy your eyes with brilliant design, immerse yourself in a colorful world
  • Intuitive gameplay, you just need to touch the screen to press the gas
  • Unlock challenging new tracks, super-fast racing cars and powerful support tools


Use the left mouse button to control the adventure!

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