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About Poop Clicker 3

Poop Clicker 3 is the third part of the point-and-click game Poop Clicker. The world is running out of resources. Fortunately, a scientist has discovered that we can use poop as a power resource to save humanity. And your goal in this game is to create as much poop as you can.

In the beginning, you must click on the poop icon at the bottom right corner to create poop. You can spend your earned poop on upgrades to increase your poop production per second. As you progress further, you can hire workers to produce poop for you. There is also an occasional free spin that features some cool items to help you with poop production. Have fun!

Release Date

August 2018


Poop Clicker 3 was made by DAB3Games


Fun gameplay

Cool game animations

Occasional wheel of fortune

Completely free to play

How to play

Left-click to create poop and produce as much poop as possible!

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