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About Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker is a space adventure where you will terraform unknown planets and upgrade your energy production. The ultimate goal: galactic domination. There are many new features and planets in the game, which makes the gameplay deep and rewarding.

Unleash the Power in Planet Clicker

As you set foot on strange worlds, you'll discover unique resources, from uranium ore on Mars to high-powered solar panels soaking up the Sun's boundless energy. Each discovery will upgrade your technology, increase efficiency, and expand the ability to power your space empire.

Starting From Earth

Your journey begins on our green planet. Here, you can increase energy by using the power of mouse clicks, building rich farming fields, massive power plants and countless basic human industries. type.

Outstanding Features

  • Explore Infinite Space: Take players on an adventure in a vast solar system with new planets and technology to explore.
  • Collect Priceless Resources: Collect energy on an extraordinary scale to expand your empire and upgrade your technology.
  • Visual Experience: Immerse yourself in game worlds with breathtaking graphics across all platforms, from desktop to mobile.

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