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About Pizza Clicker Tycoon

Bake trillions of pizzas and become a king in Pizza Clicker Tycoon game. In this game, you play as a chef and your goal is to prepare excellent pizzas. To do that, you must keep clicking on a giant pizza on the screen. You can earn money with each click and spend that to buy new upgrades. With these upgrades, you can create more pizzas per click. As you get enough money, you can add a wide range of toppings to your pizza like tomato sauce, olives, basil, corn, and mozzarella. And this allows you to earn even more.

While the game is simple, it's incredibly addicting. As you progress through the game, you can find yourself sitting for hours to click on pizza. Keep playing and grow your business to build your empire and become a pizza tycoon.

How to play

Click or tap to play.

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