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About Oil Tycoon 2

Oil Tycoon 2 is a game with many fun elements for exploiting, managing and developing factories. Begin from the ground up and build your empire to become an oil tycoon. You can learn to develop your oil import and export markets.
To begin with, you must read and understand the instructions to comprehend how the plant functions.

Complete several objectives to get bonuses and enhance your mining speed. You will be quite fortunate.
You'll need a sound investment strategy.
Idle tools will assist you in increasing smartly and quickly.

Tap to tap is the control method.
To mine, click on the oil drill.

Click to extract oil from the sea and get money.
At your facility, you will also refine crude oil.

Furthermore, there are numerous prospects for you to become an oil billionaire.
Have fun with this engaging game. Things that are new and funny are added regularly.

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