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About Noob Basketball Clicker

Noob Basketball Clicker is an innovative combination of clicking and basketball. With each mouse click, the basketball will fall and you will reap much money. Let's help our gentle Noob become rich by becoming a veteran basketball player.

How to play Noob Basketball Clicker

Click to put the ball into the ring and get your share of gold coins. Each shot will bring you profit, which can be used to enhance the game experience and features of Nubik and the basketball court. Develop your skills, buy new balls, and expand your team. That not only increases entertainment but also increases your income. You should also complete tasks to earn lots of money.

Game Features

  • Simulate basketball game
  • Many upgrade options
  • Create vivid, nostalgic pixel images
  • Attractive background music
  • Complete missions to receive rewards
  • Simple and easy-to-understand operation


Noob Basketball Clicker is a game that will keep you hooked for hours. Experience together because each player will have their development path. Let us accompany you in your free time. How about you? Get ready to become a real basketball tycoon and conquer this virtual sport!

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