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About Mushroom Clicker

Mushroom Clicker is an extremely addictive incremental game. Immerse yourself in the world of colorful mushrooms. Breed more mushrooms with just a click of the mouse. Are you ready to become the ultimate mushroom grower on the farm of this idle game genre?

How to play Mushroom Clicker

  • From just one small mushroom, you can build an endlessly vast mushroom empire with just a few mouse clicks. Expand your operations by building factories and hiring workers to speed up production.
  • You can also use the money you earn from growing mushrooms to unlock power and increase efficiency. Customize your experience with unique skins and wallpapers. Aim to achieve ultimate mastery by reincarnating with a permanent multiplier.


Click, click, and click. Mushrooms, mushrooms, and millions of mushrooms! Together they create a giant mushroom farm never before seen in the world. Your reputation will go on forever. Who grows mushrooms and produces the most mushrooms? It's none other than you!

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