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About More Ore

More Ore is an engaging idle role-playing experience. Players will immerse themselves in an endless ore-mining adventure. You'll smash giant ore blocks, unlock innovative technologies, and build a massive ore production empire. Each strike of the ore will yield valuable minerals. It also opens up new possibilities, pushing you deeper into the mystical realm.

How to play More Ore

  • Rock crushing: Focus on continuously mining rocks to collect ore. One of the important initial upgrades is broken glass, which helps highlight the weak points of the rock, optimizing combos to increase the damage multiplier.
  • Collect loot: Smash blocks to collect higher-end mining pickaxes and upgrade your yellow. Random rewards hidden in the golden gift symbols will help you speed up your progress.
  • Build a mining society: Ore can be exchanged for buildings that automatically produce ore such as churches, schools, farms, quarries, factories, and stone huts, providing diverse support options to increase production. The plant allows the production of refined ore.


  • 30+ epic missions and bosses
  • Procedural goals for a unique experience
  • Raise and care for pets
  • Complete 300+ achievements
  • Mine resources, upgrade tools
  • Research new technology
  • Build a miner community
  • Random loot with rare items


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