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About Match Tile 3D

Match Tile 3D is a matching puzzle game in which you have to select at least three of the same items and clear the board. 

When you start a level, you will see different items, from animals, and toys, to fruits, and food. And you must sort and find triple pairs to clear the board and progress to the next level. And as you go further in the game, it will become more difficult. There will be more items and they are scattered all over the place. And you need to memorize objects and connect triple sets of each one.

This game is designed to test your mind and memory skills. It's a fun matching game to play. 

Game Features:

Vivid 3d visual effects

Many levels to challenge your mind

Unique 3D objects include cute animals, yummy food, cool toys, and exciting emojis

How to play

Click or tap on three of the same tiles to connect them into triples.

Keep playing until you clear all objects from the screen.

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