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About Life Clicker

Life Clicker is an indie game that lets you live your dream life! Whether you're a café connoisseur, a factory fanatic, or an apartment enthusiast, this game has something for everyone. With exciting locations and diverse career options, Life Clicker offers a thrilling journey to success.

Explore Life Clicker

  • In Life Clicker, the world is your oyster! Dive into various careers in cafes and factories, and experience the hustle and bustle of these dynamic work environments. From brewing coffee to managing production lines, there's no shortage of opportunities to hone your skills and climb the ladder of success.
  • Luxury or Budget-Friendly Living: After a hard day's work, it's time to unwind in style. Choose between luxurious or budget-friendly apartments, each offering a unique living experience. Whether you prefer the high life or a more down-to-earth approach, Life Clicker lets you tailor your living situation to suit your tastes.

Discover Fun-Filled Locations

Life Clicker isn't just about work and home – it's about adventure! Explore different exciting places and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment and leisure. Whether it's a bustling city center or a serene countryside retreat, there's always something new and exciting to discover.

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