Kitty Cat Clicker

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About Kitty Cat Clicker

Kitty Cat Clicker is a super cute game where you raise cats with mouse clicks. Let's create a world filled with cuteness with lazy cats. The faster you click, the more cats you generate.

How to play Kitty Cat Clicker

  • Launch your cute journey with just one gentle click. Enjoy high-speed "cat" progression as you unlock awesome upgrades that boost cat bubble production.
  • In the blink of an eye, you'll be creating countless cat bubbles with each click, taking you into a universe filled with endless cute cats.
  • Want a refresh? Simply press the reset button to start a new journey, and receive special offers on your next adventure. Explore this cute maze and immerse yourself in an endless world of cats!


In this virtual house, you are given the power to summon the kittens of your dreams, even when you are absent. However, don't leave these little treasures alone for too long, okay? Their longing will make your heartbreak.

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