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About Hill Climb Racer

Hill Climb Racer is a free racing game in which you must race your way up the hill and drive through various obstacles to reach the end first and win the race.

You play as a young uphill racer and start a journey through different terrains and challenges. Race your way through different platforms including hills, mountains, cities, and urban. Speed up or slow down at the right time to avoid dangerous obstacles.

After each round, you can earn coins and use them to upgrade your car. There are different upgrade types of upgrades. You can choose to upgrade the speed, jump, armor, or acceleration. Pick wisely to progress much faster in the game. 

The game also features different cars for you to choose from. 

Buckle up and get ready for an uphill racing adventure in Hill Climb Racer game! It's time to show off your driving skills.

Game Features:

Engaging gameplay

15 levels to challenge your skills

Various upgrades to buy

Different skins to unlock

How to play

Use the arrow keys to accelerate or slow down.

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