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About Fish & Trip Online

Fish & Trip Online is a casual survival game in which you control a little fish and move around the sea to catch all the fish.

To play the game, you can move around and try to best to catch the required number of fish to complete each level. Try to avoid big fish at all costs. If you hit them or they eat you, the game is over. Don't forget to collect red bubbles to earn extra points. The game difficulty also increases after each level. There will be bigger targets and predators, dangerous objects, and challenges at the same time.

It's time to embark on a sea adventure in the Fish and Trip Online game. 

Game Features:

Casual survival gameplay

Various fish to unlock

Different levels to challenge your skills

Available for PC and Mobile

How to play

On PC: Left click and drag your mouse to move.

On Mobile: Tap on the screen and slide to move.

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