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About Doggo Clicker

Doggo Clicker is a clicker game where players must tap on the dog to make the dog feel happier. There are numerous upgrades that you can buy to raise the amount of clicks and progress faster in the game.

How to play Doggo Clicker game

In this game, players must tap on the cute dog on the screen. As you do that, you can boost the mood of the dog and make the dog feel happier.

In the beginning, the doggo mood is not bad. Keep tapping to reach a certain of clicks and purchase different upgrades.

For example, you can buy Paper Cursor with 10 coins, Paper Mouse with 25 coins, Paper Mouse Factory with 3M coins, Dog Food with 5 trillion coins, and many more upgrades.

These upgrades can increase the number of coins per click and the dog's mood.

You can also make the dog look more cool with different accessories in the store. Get the dog beautiful paws, and shoes, put a crown on his head, and more!


  • Idle clicker gameplay with a cute dog
  • 50 different upgrades
  • 21 accessories
  • Stats and achievements

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