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About Crusher Clicker

Crusher Clicker is an addictive clicker game that turns you into a sophisticated ore crusher. With each frantic click, you'll grind and grind into tiny rocks and ores. At the same time, watch your profits skyrocket.

How to play Crusher Clicker

The task of the skilled worker in Crusher Clicker is to break rocks and ores. Click frantically on the ore to split faster. Those small stones and ore grains will bring a steady source of income. This is a simple yet endlessly engaging game loop. Use that money wisely to upgrade your crushing power and speed. One day you will have a machine with truly impressive destructive capabilities. Don't forget to complete the tasks to maximize your profits.


Prepare to get lost in Crusher Clicker's colorful physics and endlessly engaging gameplay. The game has satisfying smashing sounds, an addictive progression system, and a seemingly limitless supply of ores. For destruction, this game will definitely become your new obsession.

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