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About Craft Drill Clicker

Craft Drill Clicker is an engaging clicker game where you master the drill and get rich from it. Click a lot and quickly to increase drilling ability. Explore the deepest of mineral mines and you will soon become a billionaire!

How to play Craft Drill Clicker

As a skilled driller, you must click on the drill for it to work. You will be surprised at your abilities as you discover new mines and exploit valuable resources. Use the money you collect to upgrade the drill. What do you think about a machine with many gears, auto rotate, x2 ore, etc. Isn't it really cool? Join this adventure to become the ultimate miner. And of course, build your own mining empire!

Game Features

  • Click to make the drill rotate faster
  • Unlimited intuitive gameplay
  • Many diverse upgrades
  • Lots of fun rewards and power-ups


Use Left Mouse Button to rotate the drill and everything else!

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