Cookie Clicker City

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Cookie Clicker 1
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Room Clicker
Tube Clicker
Clicker Heroes
Candy Clicker
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Habbo Clicker
Moto Maniac 2
Super Rocket Buddy
Candy Clicker 2
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About Cookie Clicker City


With billions of cookies being baked every day in the all-new Cookie Clicker City.
Cookies City has developed thanks to you.
What do you need to do now?
The simple answer is that if you work hard at the beginning, you get a big fortune.
Make your city richer
Buy items and collect loot thanks to the number of cookies generated.
Regularly look at the leaderboard to check and collect

Fun a simple game with more than 400 achievements
Upgrade and regularly increase the quality
Speed up and unlock many smart tools

Enjoy your space and rule the universe.

Fresh graphics
Vivid images
Smooth game
Free to play anywhere


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