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About Click 'n' Heroes

Click 'n' Heroes is an idle hero game that will thrill you. Click continuously to fight against cruel forces. Join the world of heroes and fight bravely against the evil spirits that are threatening to take over the peaceful village.

How to play Click 'n' Heroes

Clicks will deliver terrifying blows to evil spirits. They are lurking everywhere, in scarecrows for example. Protect your beloved village by destroying the cruel demons. You will have to act alone at first. But don't worry, you'll earn a lot of gold from the ghosts you kill. Use that money to recruit more righteous heroes to raise the sword of justice and fight for the homeland. During battle, magic apples and bags of gold will appear suddenly. Collect them to upgrade your power!


Click 'n' Heroes is a justice game dedicated to justice lovers. The evil demons will have to flee and disappear. Become a famous warrior with glorious victories. These gentle people are in dire need of your help. Don't disappoint them by bringing a peaceful life back to the village!

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