Catty's Fishing Clicker

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About Catty's Fishing Clicker

Catty's Fishing Clicker is a leisurely fun clicker game where you let yourself go fishing in peace. The game is equipped with clicker mechanics, boss battles, and adorable ducks as your companions. So, Catty's Fishing Clicker promises endless hours of underwater exploration and conquering the seas one catch at a time.

How to play Catty's Fishing Clicker

The key to success in Catty's Fishing Clicker is to use the left mouse button to interact with game elements. Press the button when you release the fishing line. No need to wait, you will catch a lot of fish and earn money. Use the wealth you have to upgrade your fishing equipment. Become a true master shag angler.

Game features

Explore exciting new areas as you progress through the game. Each area offers unique challenges and opportunities to show off your fishing prowess. Prepare for epic encounters with the formidable Fish Boss. Don't be discouraged, furry ebony cat! Test your skills together and determine to win.

Tips and tricks

Recruit the help of adorable ducks to assist you on your fishing expedition. These feathered friends can provide valuable assistance, making your journey more enjoyable. Continuously upgrade your equipment to gain an edge over the competition and get the biggest catch.

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