Capybara Merge Evolution

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About Capybara Merge Evolution

Capybara Evolution Clicker is an idle game about the friendly and adorable Capybara. You will become a farmer taking care of capybaras. From the time they are in their pretty eggs until they become adults! Fill the world with these adorable furry animals.

How to play Capybara Evolution Clicker

The beautiful capybara eggs will automatically fall. Click on them to hatch newborn capybaras and generate lots of coins. Drag the mice together to upgrade them. Capybaras will go through 32 transformations. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to explore 4 exotic lands to raise them until they reach maturity. You can also just let them generate passive money without having to click. Isn't it wonderful?


  • Use the left mouse button to interact with the in-game user interface (UI).
  • Drag and drop the capybara by holding down the left mouse button to merge it with other capybaras.

Game Features

  • Click on the capybara to generate more coins
  • Drag the capybaras together to transform them
  • The gameplay is friendly and easy to understand
  • Vivid sound
  • Cute, funny 2D graphics
  • Simulate many weather conditions
  • Many types of strange lands

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