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About Capybara Cicker Pro

Capybara Clicker Pro is an idle game belonging to the famous series of friendly Capybaras. Click to harvest lots of coins and take care of the cool capybara. The game's many new upgrades and features are waiting for you to discover!

About Capybara Clicker Pro

Hello, I am Capybara with smooth brown fur. Please click on me to harvest the coins. Use that money to invest in things that support money creation, like doubling money, automatic money generation, etc. I also really like to look handsome and pretty. Save some of your savings to upgrade me to become a cosmic capybara. I look forward to becoming your unique pet. Don't forget to tap on the little yellow capybaras running around the screen. You will earn a decent amount of coins!

Game Features

  • Attractive gift mode
  • Game click on capybara to generate coins
  • Diverse upgrades and level-ups
  • Lovely, vivid images
  • Click the tiny yellow capybara to collect additional rewards
  • Go to the Shop to buy more clothes


Use the left mouse button to interact with the in-game UI.

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