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About Blobby Clicker

Blobby Clicker is an adorable clicker game where you raise your own Blobby! Blobby, a friendly and sweet creature, happily accepts your pampering. Every click on Blobby will be rewarded with sparkling coins. It allows you to upgrade and take care of this adorable virtual pet. Enjoy endless fun as you watch Blobby grow. Moreover, together become a cute companion in this colorful virtual world!

How to Play Blobby Clicker

Click on Blobby with shiny orange fur. You will earn a significant amount of money. Use this money to buy upgrades for your Blobby to make every click even more valuable. The more you click on Blobby, the more items you'll unlock for him. You can get different types of furs, and some interesting hats. More interestingly, you have access to different locations for Blobby to live.

Special Features

  • Graphics: a captivating combination of funny drawings and vibrant color schemes, creating a lively and eye-catching visual space.
  • Sound: enchanting melody, attracting players to immerse themselves in the wonderful world.
  • Gameplay: simple, accessible idle mechanics for all ages. Players relax and enjoy the process without having to do too much.
  • Character development: the system allows players to customize and improve their character's abilities, unlocking abilities.
  • Plot: friendship, loyalty, and care for pets, convey a profound humanistic message.
  • Special reward: the appearance of a bat friend brings pleasant surprises. It opens up opportunities to receive valuable rewards.
  • Income doubling mechanism: The double and triple income system allows players to speed up their development process and achieve success faster.

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