Battle Button Clicker

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About Battle Button Clicker

Battle Button Clicker is a clicker game that stimulates players. It's simple to click anywhere on the screen to gain experience points. Upgrade and combine them into powerful combat combos.

How to play Battle Button Clicker

Of course, like other clicking games, your main task is clicking. The interesting point is that after each upgrade, you have three choices. Choose the upgrade card that you like and that you find most suitable. These decisions will create your journey of exploration and combat. Later, you can combine them into unbeatable combos.

Features of Game

  • Innovative gameplay: Battle Button Clicker cleverly combines clicker and roguelike mechanics, providing a wonderfully entertaining experience.
  • Rich card system: Accumulate a huge collection of cards, each card possesses unique skills and playing styles, significantly transforming the battle journey.
  • Optimal controls: Smooth, intuitive controls, allow players to navigate the game in a natural and paced manner.
  • Endless progression: Gameplay is exquisitely designed, comes with countless challenges, ensures high replayability, and tests every player's skills.

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