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About Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is an extremely interesting game as it helps you become happier after tiring working hours. You will transform into a banana farmer. Click to turn golden bananas into an endless source of income.

How to play Banana Clicker

Your job is to collect these bananas to sell for money. Even though it only has 2D graphics, the game image is still extremely eye-catching. The gameplay is very simple. Players just need to click on the banana placed in the middle of the screen to collect more bananas. Players can click on the shop in the right corner of the screen to upgrade. When you click on the shop, you will have 3 options: increase gain per click +1, buy passive gain 1 banana/2s and increase passive gain +1. Each choice brings a different experience!

Game Features

  • Beautiful 2D graphics
  • Click on the banana to earn money
  • Passive clicker system
  • Many diverse upgrades at the store


This is a very interesting game, right? So what are you waiting for, invite your friends to play this game together! Wishing you a very fun experience with the game. Thank you for playing.

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