About is a snake io game with Kawaii graphics. In this game, players control a snake and eat as much sushi as possible to grow, survive, and dominate the arena.

How to play Sushi Party IO

This game works similarly to the and game. Players take the role of a snake and move around the arena to eat sushi. The more sushi you eat, the bigger you will become.

The goal is to become the biggest snake and dominate the snake sushi arena. 

To defeat other snakes, try to get them to hit your tail. After they die, you can collect their remaining food to grow faster. 

There are different achievements in the game that you can accomplish when you complete certain tasks.

Try to complete these tasks to gain rewards. There are different skins and accessories like hats, glasses, and more for your snake in the game.

1 Player Mode:

Drag your left mouse button or use the arrow keys to move.

2 Player Mode:

Player 1:

Arrow keys to move.

Player 2:

ESDF to move.

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