About is a free io game in which you must build towers and walls to claim your territory while trying to destroy the opponents and conquer the whole map.

You start as a small helicopter. You can move around the map with the arrow keys or WASD. You must form a complete shape to claim your territory. Then you can level up and unlock powerful weapons. There are also many other opponents trying to create a bigger territory, and they also try to take you down. You can shoot to defeat them and earn XP and claim their territory for your own. has 32 levels. You need to conquer territory, defeat other players, and destroy enemy towers to gain XP and level up. As you reach a higher level, you can acquire mỏe skills and improve your bullet speed, range, reload speed, and build distance.

The game has many different game modes:

FFA: Conquer the entire map all by yourself.

Team: Team up with other players and conquer the map.

Defuse: Join blue to protect the bomb spots, red to try to plant the bomb.

E-FFA: Experimental Free-for-all

1v1: 1 vs 1

Game Features:

  • Various helicopter models
  • Different skins
  • Fun gameplay
  • Unlockable superpower

How to play

WASD or arrow keys = Move.

Right-click or Space = Build.

Mouse cursor = Aim.

Left-click = Shoot.

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