About is a first-person shooter io game where you battle against other players and score the highest to win. The game features two different game modes including Deathmatch and Free for all.

How to play

Before starting the game, you need to select a game mode.

If you play Team Deathmatch mode, you have to cooperate with your teammates and try to get the highest number of kills to win the game.

If you play Free For All mode, your goal is to defeat other players and score the most points.

There are various weapons and skills that you can use on the battlefield. You can find different weapons like sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and many more around the map. Each one has different advantages and abilities. So use them wisely to defeat your opponents.

The game also comes with different abilities including teleport, stamina, ammo, jump height, and many more that are waiting for you to try.

Game Controls:

WASD = Move.

Space = Jump.

Shift = Run.

Left-click = Shoot.

Right-click = Aim.

Q = Use abilities.

G = Throw grenades.

1-4 = Switch weapons.

M = open menu.

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