About is a multiplayer survival game in which you have to build your empire by building a base and earning gold. You start as a lord and start an adventure in a medieval world.

How to play

To grow your empire, you have to create military units and build a base to defend yourself from other lords out there. Set up various buildings, houses, and towers to expand your power. It's also important to grow your army. Buy soldiers, archers, and knights and strengthen their abilities to protect your assets.

You can collect coins by mining gold and upgrade the structures to mine productively.

There are various lords out there and they also try to become the strongest lord in the arena. And they will try to attack and claim your territory. Attack them and destroy their buildings to get rewards.

Game Features:

  • Powerful armies
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Upgradable structures

How to play

Mouse to move.

E to build a house.

R to build a tower.

T/Y/U/I/O to summon soldier/knight/archer/barbarian/dragon.

Space bar to split army.

Build structures, grow your army, and become the lord.

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