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Conquer your territory in this fun 2 game. You will be playing with many other players. Each person will have a territory with different colors.
The goal of the game is to capture the spectrum to become rich and to win.
Active, friendly, and multiplayer game for everyone.
There have been many positive reviews for this game. Every day you can play, the kids, the grandmother or the students.

Game tips:
- At first, do not go through stress, find a way to expand.
- Circle each small area, until you are old enough, start to attack your opponent, find weaknesses and take over their territory.
- Attention, find safety in your territory
- Protect your tail
If you get hit by the tail, you will die

Track your opponents' territories on the right side of the screen. To find the strategy of invasion and defense. Move around the map to explore the vast world.

How to play: Use mouse to move

In addition, there are a lot of places to play for you to play for free and explore. You can play anytime, anywhere.
Have lots of relaxing time with this exciting game!


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