About is a multiplayer snake io game in which players have to control a snake and consume pellets to grow the longest snake in the arena. Try to avoid other snakes and survive as long as you can.

In this game, you start as a small snake. There are many colorful pellets around the arena and you have to move your snake to consume them and grow longer. The more pellets you get, the bigger you become.

There are also many other snakes around and they also share the same goal as you. And that's to become the longest snake. You can take the down by getting them to crash into your body. When they die, they will become pellets that you can consume to grow your size. Remember that you will lose the game if you hit other snakes. So be careful when you move around.

You can take advantage of the boost feature to race against other snakes and make a sudden appearance over other snakes to get them to hit your body. Try to use this feature carefully and wisely to win the game. 

Game Features:

  • Different skins
  • Multiplayer snake io game
  • Colorful graphics
  • Engaging gameplay is a fantastic snake io game where you can compete with millions of players around the world. Can you become the longest snake and dominate the arena in this game?

How to play

Move with your mouse.

Left-click or Space to accelerate.

Eat pellets to grow the longest snake and dominate the arena.

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