About is an interesting game where you can interact with many other players. Turn into a fish, travel, and adventure throughout this exciting saltwater area! On the way, fight other fish to become the fish king!

How to play

  • Players will fight against opponents from around the world. Before starting the game, choose your own fish species and enter your nickname.
  • Your goal is to hit as many other fish as possible. Every fish has a horn. You need to show skill and cunning to use your horn to hit your opponent from behind. You also need to avoid other fish hitting you!
  • Right-click to speed up and use other support items wisely. Boost will be available permanently, but other bonuses are temporary.
  • You must eat food scattered on the map to replenish the acceleration bar.


Immerse yourself in the cool water at the bottom of the ocean and join the endless journey of predatory fish! Sounds really attractive and attractive, right? Climb to the top and become the most formidable name in the deep ocean!

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