About is one of the most exciting multiplayer IO games. Create a snowball and throw it at other players so they fall into the ocean. Be the last person left to win the match.

How to play

Collect snow and build giant snowballs. Once your snowball has grown to a respectable size, unleash its icy power, target other opponents, and knock them into the deep sea. With each kill, you will increase in size and authority, becoming an invincible snowball, dominating the frozen world.

Tips and tricks

  • To achieve glory in, you must be a skillful strategist and a master of the art of avoidance.
  • Move quickly and collect pieces of snow to increase the size of your snowball. Drop the snowball when you are approaching another player
  • Dodge their throws and use your agility to escape dangerous situations. In the frozen world of, only the strongest and most skillful can survive.
  • Navigate in the air each time you are attacked, landing safely on the ice

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