About is an online arena where you transform into a giant worm. Shiny puzzle pieces are your salvation in this world, helping you develop dramatically and become a hegemon. Compete with other players in an exciting multiplayer mode where you must destroy smaller entities and dodge other worms that are hunting you.

How to play

  • Ultimate Mission: Glide across the battlefield and swallow glowing balls to get bigger.
  • Combat tips: Face other worms, skillfully leading them into your deadly embrace. Let another worm crash into you. When successful, happily receive the late party they have accumulated, giving you an advantage in the Gulper world.
  • Ending: This never-ending war will only stop when you fall. You will face death when colliding with opponents or rushing into the limited wall of the arena.


  • Brilliant neon graphics, attract all eyes
  • It is a smooth playing experience, every movement is very flexible
  • The minimap displays the locations of other worms, keeping you informed of the situation on the battlefield
  • Change the color of your worm via sliders, creating a unique personality


Accelerate like lightning with the left mouse button, but be wary of the cost of your limited size

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