About is a food-themed io game that looks very eye-catching and appealing. Become a fruit warrior and fight with rivals. It would help if you had courage, skill, and agility in every step.

How to play

Initially, you will become an apple with low Damage, Mana, and Mobility. Don't worry, participate in multiplayer battles and destroy others to earn a lot of money. Use that money wisely to upgrade yourself. We offer a diverse list of Foodies with unique capabilities for you to choose from. Whether you prefer to fight alone or team up with friends, the game offers a variety of modes to cater to your gaming preferences.


The game is updated regularly. The competitive global rankings also change rapidly because of the participation of a large fan base. Play now to experience many exciting and dynamic things. Try to top the food showdown leaderboard in the Foodieverse!


WASD or arrow keys = move
Left mouse button = attack

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