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FlyUFO io is a game that attracts everything in the city. You take on the task of driving the starship to explore around and find a life for yourself.
Where there are many busy vehicles, commercial centers, and more. You need to attract them all.
Your flying saucer must always be full of energy, moving towards the targets. There are a lot of players around you. Remember the rules to not be invaded by a big opponent.
Attack weaker opponents to increase strength
Follow your list of players and achievements on the right side of the screen.
Make yourself a correct and safe route so as not to waste time.
Start absorbing small things like trees, benches. Then came the bigger things: cars, houses...
The game is simple and easy to play

Use mouse to control flying saucer

You can access it on any smart device. Like all of our other games, it's free to play.

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