Uphill Rush 11

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About Uphill Rush 11

Uphill Rush is back with Uphill Rush 11! Are you ready for a series of challenging waterslides in this game? Perform incredible jumps and finish the race as fast as you can to win. 

How to play Uphill Rush 11?

In this game, players have to race in a place full of waterslides and tubes. You need to control your character, move, and jump to avoid falling off the platform. More than that, there are many other swimmers in the pool. And they also try to race to the finish line. Therefore, you need to be careful. 

Don't forget to perform amazing jumps and stunts to get more scores and collect coins to upgrade your abilities. You can use the spacebar to activate a speed boost and move faster. 

Good luck and have fun!

Game Controls:

Arrow keys to drive.

Space to jump.

1-4 to perform stunts.

5 to use turbo.

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