Temple Raider

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About Temple Raider


\Welcome to Temple Raider! You angered the temple guardian and now he's chasing you down. Run, move, jump, and slide to avoid deadly obstacles. There will be sharp spikes, holes, fire, and more. You need to collect coins to unlock and purchase special outfits and upgrade your power. There are numerous power-ups along your adventure. Try to collect them to make your adventure become much easier. 

The big gorilla is chasing you in the endless running adventure. There will be a lot of surprises waiting for you in this game. 

Start the adventure in Temple Raider now and show off your skills as you run and escape from the Gorilla. 

Features of the game:

Beautiful graphics

Many power-ups and more achievements

Deadly obstacles

Various characters

How to play

Run as far as you can. Collect coins, idols, and treasures. Unlock characters, power-ups and upgrade them. Avoid various obstacles and get your highest score.


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