‎Target Hit 3D

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About ‎Target Hit 3D


Target Hit 3D is a game with a series of challenges. The game improves your ability to shoot arrows. Practice all techniques to hit the target ahead.
There will be many obstacles put in place to stand in your way. Be careful with the stones. The metal blocks are constantly moving, making it difficult for you.
Take every opportunity to shoot fast.
Pay attention to the path of the arrow. Many rounds challenge you. Completing each level will give you a significant amount of coins. Then you can upgrade arrows to be sharper.
Tap a mouse continuously to beat the fastest target
Defeat all the enemies that stand in your way.
Many exciting levels are waiting for you. You have to stay strong until the end.

Realistic 3D games are the ideal space for you to indulge your interests.
A free game for you, no need to download
Have fun!

How to play
Use amouse

How to play

Use amouse


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